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Eastern SD PEACH

Advertising Rates…

Net Display Rate $6.10  per column inch

Classified Rate $5.95 for 15 words   (15¢ for each additional word.)

Full Color $150.00

Requirements & Deadlines

Deadline for The Eastern SD PEACH is Thursday at 12:00 noon for the following week’s publication.

Advertisements should be sized to fit our column widths, a full page ad measures 6 columns wide by 13 inches tall. Artwork/Advertisement sent electronically should be submitted as a Portable Document Format (PDF).  Email

Column measurements:   1 col.  =  9.2 picas or 1.5 inches   |    2 col. =  19.4 picas or 3.23 inches    |    3 col. =  29.6 picas or 4.9 inches
|    4 col. = 39.8 picas   or 6.6 inches   |     5 col.  = 49.10 picas  or 8 inches    |    6 col.  = 60  picas or 10 inches

We offer page 1, page 3 and the back page as prime placements. These pages are available on a first come, first serve basis and incur a prime placement charge of $50.00.

Circulation Information

The Eastern SD Peach is a weekly advertiser with a readership of 30,000 distributed through the following newspapers:

Canistota Clipper

Hawarden Independent, IA

The Leader-Courier

Lennox Independent

Madison Daily Leader

The Marion Record

Minnehaha Messenger

The Montrose Herald

Parker New Era

Tea Weekly

For more information contact call 605-647-2284 or email our Advertising Specialist.

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